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Trinity Energy Group Land Services

Simply stated, the Mission of Trinity Energy Land Services is to fill our clients’ needs. We intend to establish the “high water mark” in the services we provide for our clients against which all other providers will be measured.


The primary factors that enable Trinity Energy Land Services to accomplish our mission are first, the decades of diversified experience that our management team brings to each client, and second, our ability to deliver a higher level of service in each of the many different land management disciplines.


Our approach is rooted in a steadfast commitment to deliver our services in the most cost and time efficient manner possible. To that end, Trinity goes beyond delivery of the typical “core” land title and leasing services by also providing more specialized services, such as pro-active accounting practices, reporting templates customizable to each client to enable them to stay fully informed on each project’s progress in “real time”, digital and hard copy records management, state of the art mapping, due diligence expertise and project management and review and much more.


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Trinity Energy Group: A Short Introduction to Petroleum Geology

Trinity Energy Group: A Short Introduction to Petroleum Geology

Exploring for oil and gas takes a lot of money and know how to pull off as it requires first a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of petroleum Geology. Oil and gas are, after all, essential petroleum resources that are found deep within the earth’s crust, although there are cases where they may be found on the surface as well, but not in abundant commercial quantities.


Liquid oil and liquid natural gas underneath are found in porous and permeable rocks (also called reservoirs) that have collected these precious materials for thousands of years. There are four essential types of geologic features that contain oil and gas deposits, namely:

* Oil and gas source rocks

* Reservoir rocks

* Seals

* Traps  


The figure below shows how the four features can contain oil and gas in a configuration that allows explorers to tap each part separately.

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